5 tips to pump up your immune system


  1. Surprise! I know, weird coming from a Fitness Professional, but yes, exercise is an outstanding way to add some mojo to your natural defenses. 


But…not in the way you might think.  You need to move, but more is definitely NOT better in this case. 45-60 minutes (including warm, high effort and cool down) is plenty.  Also, lower your intensity. In the high intensity world of CrossFit and or HIIT workouts, we count on hard effort to drive a result.  Now is the time to pull back a bit and lower your intensity.  This is as simple as moving a little more slowly through a conditioning piece or Lowering volume/operating weight while perform resistance exercise (weightlifting).


  1. Nutrition: Don’t use quarantine as an excuse to pile on the junk!  Make conscious choices to stay on track or set some new habits!
  • Whole foods as a base
  • Eat based on activity level
  • Clean out the junk.
  1. Add a couple of supplements:
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc

               It’s easy to become chronically low on both Vitamin D and Zinc.  Supplementing with both can add a boost to your immunity.

  1. Get Outside!

              Talk a walk, go for a run. Just get outside!  Sensible Sun exposure (pre 10am or post 4pm) for 15-30 minutes will help your body naturally manufacture a TON of Vitamin D. Up to 10,000 IU.  So get some sun!

  1. Sleep

After your full day of exercise, nutrition and sun exposure, it’s time to hit the sack.  Cut off the devices about 1-2 hours before bed to calm down your brain. Lower liquid volume so you have less chance of waking in the middle of the night.  Make your room dark and cool it off.  Hunker down and knock out.  6-8 hours should be the goal. 


There you go: 5 simple ways to pump up your immunity and give you a better shot at staying healthy during quarantine and even beyond. 

Be well!


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