“Do What You Can With What You Have Where You Are”.  


The above quote is attributed to Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. 

Teddy made some great speeches and produced some great quotes, but this one is my favorite.


Because it removes the excuses.

It pushes aside the fear.

Just start. 

It doesn’t matter where.

Need to lose weight? Take 10 minutes and start to write your plan.

Can’t get to the gym today?  Go for a walk/hike/run and/or do 10 minutes of push ups, sit ups and air squats.

Shooting for a promotion at work?  Think of three things that you can do to put yourself on that path.

There is always a way to move forward.

Sometimes it requires a step back to gain some perspective.

But, there is a path.

You are standing at the head of that path.

Take one step forward.

Begin from where you are.

Take what you have and do your best with it.

Then take the next step and then the next.

Today is the day.

All the best,

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