Finding Your Baseline

Finding Your Baseline

Working off of a previous post about “starting where you are”.

So let’s ask ourselves a question:

“Where am I?”

In this case, where am I positioned in starting to work toward my goals?

Let’s use my own situation in August as an example:

11 weeks ago, I weighed 200 lbs.

I felt: Slow, tired, sad.

Nutrition: Inconsistent.  2-3 “good days” with 2-3 (or more) “bad days”*

Exercise: 4+ days per week.

With the fitness part of my goals being to lose around 6% Bodyfat, Get stronger in Major Lifts, and improve my conditioning, knowing where I was to start off this process was a good place to be.


It was the first step toward being honest with myself. 

Before you undertake anything, there needs to be an “assessment”. 

  • Where am I right now?
  • What tools do I have?
  • What tools do I need?
  • Can I build a plan?

Moving forward, I started to answer these questions for myself.

1.) Where am I right now:  See above.  200 lbs with about 21% Bodyfat.

2.) What tools do I have: 

  • Training: Equipment
  • Nutrition: Use my own Nutrition Company to build a simple plan to fit my needs
  • Time Management: Gym is running in such a way that I can schedule a session to workout at 7am.

3.) What tools do I need?

  • A plan to take action on my goals.
  • A way to track all daily action taken (Seeing progress)
  • Access to a facility to workout (The plan that I wrote required a gym. Not all plans need this)
  • Daily plan (icalendar) to make sure that I have all my other obligations organized.
  • Meal Prep plan. Written by me to keep good food ready to go, to make meals quick and simple.

4.) Can I build a Plan?

Short answer, yes—simply lining up the tools that I had and the tools that I needed “Pre-wrote” my plan.

With these questions answered, I could move forward with the plan that I wanted to write with my goal in mind.

Next time, I’ll cover the plan I used in more detail.

For now, here are two action steps:

  • Think about your goals.
  • Identify where you are in relation to those goals (Baseline)
  • Ask yourself the 4 questions.
  • Take action!

All the best,

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