Gym Lessons Part 1: Commitment

Gym Lessons Part 1: Commitment


It’s getting close to that time.

30 days until 2021. 

I think it’s safe to say that we all will be making some changes in the New Year.

Will it be different for you this time?

Will you commit to those changes?

Passion, desire, excitement.  These are the things that get us started.

But commitment is what keeps us going.

Commitment doesn’t have to start with setting up a 90 day program. 

It starts with one day.

Within that one day it starts with finishing what you started.

Beginning and completing a single workout:

Committing to 20 push ups and doing them

Committing to 20 Sit ups and doing them.

Committing to 20 Squats and doing them.

Then it proceeds from there.

Plan the next day.

And the next.

And the next.

Create the time block.

Plan the work.

Do the work.

Results will follow.


We all have been there.

On the cold mornings.

The rainy evenings.

Family has needs.

Meeting ran long.

But you committed. You’ll be there today.

And you’ll be there tomorrow.

Because of your commitment to this, you’ll be there when

Mornings are cold

Your family needs you

You need to send just one more email.

Commitment is not exclusive to certain things.

It bleeds into everything we do. Every day.

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