How often do you hear: “Good Job”?

How often do you hear: “Good Job”?

Growing up through my High School and even College Years, I heard the words “Good Job” a lot.

I’m sure we all did.

For success in sports.

Getting good grades.

Cleaning our rooms or cutting the grass.

We heard it from our parents.

We heard it from our Teachers and Coaches.

It was part of the reward for putting the time in.

Someone gave us the instruction on how to achieve success.

Then we did it.

Then we were told, “Good Job.”

But something changed. 

We grew up and moved out into the world and suddenly, “Good Job” became more and more rare.

By the way, I don’t think the vast majority of us is necessarily looking for unearned praise. However, I do think we like to be acknowledged for doing well or frankly, doing a good job.

What changed? Or better yet, why did it change? We like to be acknowledged for our hard work. Especially if someone puts us on path.  If we are receiving guidance, we would like to get some feedback as well—and we’ll try hard to make sure that it’s positive.

That’s one of the pillars of coaching: To guide someone on their journey and keep them on that path by providing feedback.

Exercise can be hard. It truly can be a journey—a long, challenging journey.

When you come to Aestus, you get guidance.

  • Guidance in Fitness.
  • Guidance in Nutrition.
  • Guidance in Goal Setting
  • Guidance in Mindset.

That guidance is crucial to help you get results.

You also get encouragement to work through that guidance. 

We acknowledge a couple of things to everyone who comes to at Aestus:

1.) “Good job” for coming in. (Sometimes that’s the biggest challenge)

2.) “Good job” for working hard.

It goes hand in hand with guidance.

We (Your coaches and your classmates) will look you in the eye and tell you that you did a good job.


Because you did.  There is no question, and you deserved to be recognized for it.

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