My favorite success story

When someone walks into CFA for a tour and an Intro-Meeting, our conversations often drift toward success stories.  As I think back, all of our members have achieved some form of success (as defined by them and their goals). For that I’m especially proud.

One in particular does stand out.

I’ll tell you who they are and offer a few reasons why this person sticks out in my mind.


Stacy Cifeli has been a member at CFA since June 1, 2015 (The day we opened for business).  When I spoke with her on the phone regarding her starting CrossFit, she said:

“This is my year”.

That night, she became our first Foundations member and began her journey.

Nearly 4 years later, here are some things to know about Stacy’s success:

  • It didn’t happen overnight. Stacy spent her first 18 months working hard 4-5 days per week. There were many moments off doubt and Frustration.  I recall her coming to me in December of 2016 saying, “If I don’t start making progress, I’m done.”  We had a conversation and talked about what it would take to move forward.  She committed to staying on for “just a little longer”
  • She identified and made ONE crucial change. In January of 2017, Stacy began tracking and changing her nutrition.  Within that one change, were many small changes that quickly began to add up.
  • She committed to a plan. Stacy set up her nutrition program and stuck with it.  There were small frustrations early on, but she powered through.  What were those frustrations?  She was making changes and:
  • She went outside her comfort zone. Making change is not easy.  It takes patience and perseverance.  Stacy rode some rough waves to get where she is now, but working through and keeping the end goal in mind kept her focused.
  • She completed the process. Stacy lost 70 lbs over 2017.  Think about that: 70 Pounds.  It took time. It took patience.  It most certainly took hard work.  Along the way, Stacy’s fitness improved.  She’s off meds that she took for years.  She ran a few 5K’s and she has become a bright light here at CFA and for her family.


If you want to meet Stacy, she’s a regular at our 9:30am class.

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