My Training Changed!!!

“May you live in Interesting Times…” 

This statement is often attributed to being a Chinese proverb.  Interestingly enough—it has also been interpreted as a curse.

These are certainly interesting times.

Let’s relate this back to the changes that have come to fitness.  CFA is closed.  We elected to shut down but an order from the state quickly mandated that any gyms left open would be closed until April 30.

Like many other facilities, we pivoted to offer online training and some other options to give our members an option to continue to pursue their fitness goals during this time. 

But…While our fitness methodology stayed the same, (Weightlifting, conditioning, bodyweight work, gymnastics) our delivery changed.  It was a step and one that was not taken lightly.  Change can certainly be good—but given the circumstances, it felt like a forced change and a step down rather than a fun option or an alternative to help someone become more fit.

This led to a ton of communication—way more than we ever have as a team and providing explanations to the benefits of our changes:

  • The almost exclusive use of kettlebells or dumbbells.
  • More emphasis on bodyweight movements
  • Less conditioning through movements like running, or the use of rowers, bikes, etc…

Again, at first this was seen as a shift that was not the same as moving the barbell, high intensity intervals and just plain ol’ DIFFERENT.  Here’s what hasn’t changed:

  • 1 hour of pre-written and coach-guided workouts
  • Periodized Strength Work (via the dumbbell, Kettlebell or bodyweight)
  • Conditioning work that focused on core strength while developing cardiac capacity.

The result?  CFA Members retained the option to keep moving forward.  They are being led in a virtual environment by our AMAZING coaching staff that views each class as a chance to help someone relieve stress, hold on to “normal’ and most importantly, help people get better.

Have things changed? Certainly.  Do we still help people get fit?  Absolutely. 

Life is about adapting to changes.  It makes it fun and helps us grow. 

CFA will keep moving forward and will adapt to the next change to keep bringing the best fitness experience to our members. It’s a commitment we have been dedicated to since 2015 and it will NEVER change.


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