Not a Good Time

“I’m sorry Sam, it’s just not a good time.”

In the fitness world, we hear that a lot.

The scenario looks like this:  New member signs up, and is a literal house on fire for the first few weeks or even months.  Then the daily workouts become weekly, then every two weeks, etc…

We have a system of follow up at CFA—I get a system alert email when someone has not been to a class in 7 days.  When I get that email, I send a text to the member I got the email about, to check in and see if everything is OK.

I always get a “Yep, everything is good—just been busy” reply.

Busy.  Yep me too. 

After a week or two more, I get the dreaded “It’s not a good time” email/text.

Here’s a quick bit of reality:

It’s never a “good” time.

There is never a good time to:

  • Start exercising
  • Go back to school
  • Change careers
  • Start the business you’ve always wanted
  • Apply for a new job

Another way to look at this situation is this:

It’s always a good time or even better:

One time is just as good as another.


In the fitness world, “It’s not a good time” is surface level speak for:

  • This is hard
  • I’m nervous
  • I’m not sure I can do this


By the way, all of those feelings are normal and not limited to fitness.  I’m sure there are other parts of your life that have felt like this.  I may have listed a few above. 

I’ve been there too. 

I was scared to death to launch CFA. 

It truly never felt like it was a “good time”.

But we launched anyway.  It did work out.  Almost five years later we have helped hundreds of people become more fit and make life changes that continue to benefit them.  I’m sure they all would say that it may not have been a “good time” to start, but it turned out to be the “right time”.

So jump in. 

To whatever it is you want to try. 

Make it a “good time”. 

The rewards are unlimited.


Yours in Fitness,


Coach Sam




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