Step One

Step One


So…you’ve been given the clear and you’re ready to get back to the gym!

Now the tough part—what is it you are looking for?

  • Big Box, Low cost
  • Small or boutique studio, small group environment
  • Personal training, one on one training.


Which way to go?

Some things to consider:

  1. What is my goal?
  2. How much time do I have?
  3. How much research do I need to do?

The first two goals are fairly simple answers:

1.) Weight loss, performance, strength, conditioning.

2.) I have one hour available 3X per week. (As an example)


The third is a little tricky:

“Why do I need to do any research to workout?”

Here’s why:

The big places have plenty of gear, but little guidance to offer.

Price: $

Want to lose weight?

What program should you follow? 

Do you need to consider nutrition?

Does the facility have the equipment I need?

Will I get caught in the “after-work” rush? (Especially now that capacities are limited)


What about One on One (Personal Training)?

Price: $$$

Can I afford it? (Average price of $50 per hour)

How long has the trainer been in the industry?

Can they evaluate my needs and set up a program that will help me achieve my goals?

If you can answer “yes” or gain answers to most of these questions, the PT may be the way to go.


But wait…What about that “Boutique” thing you mentioned?

Glad you asked…(I know you didn’t really ask—but hey, we have to have some dramatic effect…)

Price: $$

  • Does it fit my schedule? Potentially—classes are typically offered throughout the day and are about an hour long.
  • What are the coaches like? They should have a solid background in fitness and see you as more than a membership.  They should welcome you in and make sure that you are on the right path to reach your goals.
  • Some of those classes look intense. Do I need to “Get in shape” first?  It may depend on the facility, but typically no—In fact, most boutique environments love people new to their style of fitness.  Why? Because they can start you off slowly and ramp you up as you go.
  • What else do they offer? Again it depends, but in a smaller environment, service is more personalized, and there is almost always a community of folks who have been where you were and are happy to help keep you motivated as your journey progresses.


So take a look at your options.  Think about the key factors (Convenience, cost, research)

The number one driver in ANY options is simple: Can this get me the result I want?  When you feel confident in the answer to that question—you have found the right place.

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