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Priorities. Or, that little nagging voice inside your head--telling you what you should be doing instead of what you want to do.   Why is it so hard?   What is it about knowing that it would be better for ourselves if we: Ate good food  Exercised Went to bed on time Laid off so much social media Let's be honest, we all know what we need to do.  Often we even know how to do it.   So where is the disconnect?   James Clear writes in Atomic Habits that to create habit change, we need to basically take action before we take...

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Assess Where You Are   I was in Boy Scouts.  For a week every summer between the years of 1985 and 1989 our troop would head up to Lost Lake Scout Reservation in Clare, Michigan. It was a great spot.  Series of small campsites (we slept in tents) built around an awesome lake with a couple of buildings (mess hall, camp store, etc…) During the week, we all took classes to earn merit badges.  These were great opportunities to learn a number of skills that I still use today. I learned: Shooting Knot Tying First Aid Rescue swimming Axemanship Wilderness...

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