Time Constricted Fitness:

Time Constricted Fitness:

Can you truly get a good workout in 45-60 minutes?

The answer is absolutely, 100% YES!

That is one of the truly phenomenal things about functional fitness (CrossFit or DekaFit) in a class environment.  A full workout, that is complete planned and built around your goals is possible.


Let’s find out.

Why don’t we breakdown a typical 60 minute class at here at Aestus:

0:00-0:05: Primary Warm up. (slow general movement and light stretching)

0:05-0:10: WOD Brief (The Coach conducting the class explains all the details of the workout of the day)

0:10-0:20: Secondary Warm Up (This warm up is focused on preparing the body specifically for the Workout)

0:20-0:40: Strength Work:  (We might take this time to do some formalized resistance work. Could be Deadlifts or could be a bodyweight strength session)

0:40-0:55: Conditioning Work (The “MetCon”.  A variety of modalities [Dumbbells, kettlebells, running, rowing, etc…could be mixed in). Some type of time or capacity domain is set up (Rounds for time or As many Rounds as Possible), and when the clock starts, you work hard for that time period—usually around 10-15 minutes.

0:55-0:60: Clean up, cool down and get on with your day!

So yes, it is possible to put together a solid workout in 60 minutes or less.

This workout is guided by one of our coaches and built on one foundation: Safety first.

This type of work allows you to take full advantage of the other 23 hours in your day knowing that the work you did in the gym covered all the bases and is moving you toward your goals.

For more info about how our brand of fitness can help you, click here: www.aestusfitness.com or email me at: sam@crossfitaestus.com

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