Your Excellence

here’s a lot of talk going around these days about “Your Truth”.

It's a pretty common phrase these days.

I suppose there is some perspective that is needed behind that statement.

But, I understand it as this:

A personal compromise on “The Truth”.

As near as I can tell, the truth is the truth. Period.

‘Nuff said.

But, what can be set for you personally, is Your “Excellence”.

What does that mean?

Simple. You define excellence. You.

No one else.

Not The Rock.

Not your favorite NFL Player.

Not your favorite actor.


Do successful people leave clues as to how they did what they did?


But imitating their behavior may not be the best path for you.

Excellence for you could mean any number of different things.

If you begin a Fitness Journey, should you imitate a particular, Fitness Athlete, Bodybuilder or Model?

Does that really fit who you are?

Maybe so, maybe not.

So take lessons from those you admire. 

The ingredients to success are universal.

But build your standard on the life you want.

Your success depends on it.


All the best,

The Aestus Team


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