$1 For the Greatest Day of Your Life

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Let me explain.

I have always journaled.  It’s something I learned to do as a form of expression as well as a way to get my thoughts on paper.  Journaling also provides feedback to yourself.  The written word has the effect of being more “concrete” and so it “sticks” much better than just thinking and attempting to retain info.

Journaling also creates a the foundations of and feedback for a plan. 

While action is the driver, I need a plan. With no plan (goal) action loses direction (more on a “plan” in  another blog post)

When a plan is in place, I like to keep moving in the direction of the plan.

So I write.

For documentation.

For feedback.

Some days, for reassurance.


In writing I have found that I can become a bit too “wordy” to even myself.  Sometimes bullet points will work.

Here’s where it’s time to pull that Fresh, crisp $1 bill out of your wallet.


Head over to your local dollar store.  Find the office supply section and grab yourself a spiral notebook.  Walk up to the register and slap your dollar down.  Look at the Cashier and say:


Congrats!  Step one is complete!  You are well on your way to your “Greatest Day”!

When you get home, open the cover of the notebook.  We’re going to divide page one into four sections.


  • Daily Intention. Let’s kick this day off with a good mindset.  We want to grow. We want to get better.  So write down what good thing you are going to focus on for today.  Maybe you’re going to smile at a stranger, or open a door.  Maybe you’ll commit to paying closer attention to your own thoughts and work on pushing out the negative stuff (tough for all of us to do).  Regardless, create some positive “mojo” and start this day off with good intent.


  • Goal(s) For Today

What do I need to accomplish today to get me closer to my goal?  What action can I take?  For me, if I can get 1-3 things done in the direction of what I want to accomplish, then I can feel good about that. This creates momentum and keeps me moving toward my goal.


  • Wins!

Our day is almost done and we need to see what we accomplished. Did we get things done that needed to happen?  What other “wins” can you record for the day?  Did you get some extra time with your kids? Did you have a meaningful conversation with them or your spouse? These things count too.  Write them down.  Again, more momentum.  Didn’t quite get done what you want to today?  No sweat.  We can work for that win tomorrow. 


  • Notes

What happened that is worth recording.  This doesn’t have to be something goal related.  It can be something funny.  Something you saw.  It can also be something related to your goals and what else you need to work on toward those goals.  Really, nothing is off the table here.  Just get some thoughts down.


The pic below, shows what my notebook looks like. 


OK, lets put a button on this thing.  Greatest Day?  Well, to me any day that I lay out a plan for and hit some goals is pretty darn good.  Maybe not “standing on top of Mt. Everest” kind of good, but fairly close.  Creating a plan is a great first step.  Tracking your progress in that plan is a proven method for achieving goals whether they involve weight loss, strength, fitness, work promotions or even better relationships.

So find that dollar in your wallet.  Dig the change out of your console. 

It could be the best dollar you ever spent.




 Sam Lowe is the Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit Aestus




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