Aestus Thanksgiving Survival Tips

It's coming....

Yep, it's that time of year again...Gorging on Turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings...
A food whirlwind that leaves miles of dirty dishes, and un-buttoned pants in its wake.
Yes--the pumpkin pie is awesome--and yet a lot of us end up feeling guilty afterward.
"How did I eat all that?"
"Did I wreck my nutrition?"
"I hope I didn't put on too much weight..."
Thanksgiving can be fun and you can avoid the wreckless food orgy.  
Here's some quick tips to beat the post-turkey blues:
1.) Control your portions. (You can always go back for more)
2.) Lean on the protein. (Protein will fill you up better than carbs)
3.) Be mindful while you eat. (make a plan and stick to it. )
4.) Go slow. Take your time. Talk to Aunt Martha between bites. (You haven't seen her since last year, and you don't mind hearing the "cat story" again, right?)
5.) “This was all so good, I couldn’t eat another bite” is the perfect answer when the fam is trying to push more food on you.
6.) Enjoy! A few extra calories won’t undermine your goals. Be present, be mindful.
6A.) Call coach Sam on Monday for a free workout at Aestus Fitness!!! (919-630-5763
Happy thanksgiving!!!
The Aestus Team


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