Are you being coached?

Are you being coached?


It’s become somewhat of a generic term.

It’s become a stand alone profession.  When I was in school, the only coaches we knew were sport coaches and they only coached part time .  The rest of the time, they were teachers.

But the rise in self-development and self-awareness has raised the desire for guidance—or “coaching”.

What is the purpose of a coach?




Industry Experience?

Certainly, some of all of that. 

But what is the heart of coaching?  What is the true purpose of a coach?

Simply: Coaches ask the questions and you provide the answers.

How does that work in fitness?

Do you have a goal? More specifically, a fitness goal?

  • ·         Lose 15lbs.
  • ·         Run a 5K
  • ·         Get a pull up
  • ·         Deadlift 300lbs.

All of these are specific goals.  Do you know how to achieve them?

This is where coaching comes in.  It’s up to the coach to identify and understand the goals you have so that we can help you reach them.

It’s not enough to just wander into a gym and hope that time spent is moving you toward your goal.

Are you performing the right movements?

How can you be sure the amount of running that you are doing is right for your needs?


Again, as a coach we want to sit with you and ask the questions that will help you reach your goals.

Then, we can come up with a plan that will work toward that result.

  • It might be CrossFit.
  • It Might be Dekafit
  • It might be Personal Training.
  • It might be a Nutrition Plan

All of these are tools.

To help you get on the right path.

To keep you on the right path.

To get you the results that you want.

That’s coaching.

If you want to sit with one of our coaches and discuss your fitness goals, just go to

Send us a note and set up an appointment. We’ll work with you to get the results that you are looking for.

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