Athlete Spotlight:  Jeremy Smith

Athlete Spotlight: Jeremy Smith

December Spotlight Athlete: Jeremy Smith

How did you find CrossFit Aestus? Amanda and I were looking for some way to workout together. I was going to another gym in town and really not getting anywhere other than going through the motions. Amanda had seen the success Kim Mayes was having and reached out to her. We met with Sam and decided to give it a try.


What is your favorite part of coming to CrossFit Aestus? Definitely the people! The environment is great in helping folks succeed their fitness journey, at whatever level that is. And the FitAids available after workouts are a plus :)


What advice would you give to a new member? Don't skip a workout just because its a movement you can"t or are scared to do. The coaches are great in helping finding a scale that will work for the individuals.


What has been your proudest fitness achievement? Being able to do a pull-up. Havent been able to do one since I was a teenager and finally at 40, can do one.


What motivates or inspires you? Staying healthy for my family, achieving fitness goals keeps me motivated and pushing myself.


What are your hobbies? Don't get much time for hobbies outside of Crossfit and driving the kids between dance and soccer. Do enjoying golfing and playing video games when I have time.

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