Early Mornings, Fitness and a Princess

Early Mornings, Fitness and a Princess

There I was….trying to get back in shape…again.

We had 5 month old baby in the house and sleep schedules we’re starting to normalize for her mom and me.

Time to get back in my routine—I was excited. I was ready to get back at it.

I had it all planned out.

Clothes laid out the night before.

The alarm would go off and I would get ready to go downstairs to the basement to work out. 

5am again.

Same routine.

Get dressed.

Shoes in right hand.

Water bottle in left.

Still groggy, but moving.

Every day.

I was back in my routine.

But one morning, the routine changed.

One morning, I heard some noise coming from another room.

My youngest daughter’s room. 

She was awake.

Uh-Oh. New dad fears rose up inside of me.

How long would she be awake?

Can I get her back to sleep?

So I picked her up and bounced and rocked and did the things that dads do with their 5 month old daughters when they need to go back to sleep.

It worked. She fell back asleep. Then, I looked at my watch.

30 minutes had gone by.

No work out today.

Damn. I was ready to go too. Ready to sweat and work hard and take a step forward.

But, “Princess” has other ideas…

No worries, try again tomorrow.

Next morning, same thing.

And the next, and the next.

Every morning, there she was, in the dark, standing up in her crib.  Smiling at me. Melting my heart and crushing my goals at the same time. It was a habit now, she was ready to be up with daddy. 

Finally, one morning I decided to make a change.


So I picked her up, took her to the basement with me, and we “worked out” together.

It was a little weird and inconvenient at first.

But we made a “routine”.

Change the diaper.

Make sure the bouncy seat was in the room.

Sippy cup ready to go.

Blues Clues on the TV.

Only then could I get started.

From there it was: Do a set, check on her. Do a set, check on her. Hop on the treadmill, check on her. (almost falling off many times in the process…)

I was sweating.

Lungs were burning.

Muscles straining.

I was working out.

All while my number one fan was watching….and smiling.

Was it my “ideal”?

Maybe not—but it got the job done.

If anything it was an extra 45 minutes with my youngest.

It became “our time”.

I tell this story because I often hear: “I’d love to work out, but my kids…”.

Hey, I get it. It’s tough to spin all those plates and get a good workout—get some “time for you”.

But trust me, you can make it work. Somehow, some way.

You’ll still get to work out.

And if you’re as lucky as I am, you’ll have some really cool memories as a result.

So hang in there, find a way.

And your kids will love you for it.


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