How much space do I need for my home gym?

The question comes up often regarding workout space followed by a "there's no room in my house/apartment/garage".
So how much space does someone take up when they workout?
Many commercial gyms (Boutique/Group Fitness) follow a model that says that 49 square feet is acceptable.  
For CrossFit, or a gym that uses a standard barbell as part of their fitness programming, this means a 7' x 7' space.
Do you need that much room?
Probably not, but just in case--know that you can do most body weight work and even add in some dumbbell and kettlebell work in a 7 x 7 space or even smaller.
So think for a second--measure out seven feet by seven feet.  Do you have room?
Change into your workout clothes, grab your gear, turn up the tunes and go to work!
Don't forget to have fun and stay healthy!


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