In the Box with Coach Sam

On this #AestusWayWednesday, Coach Sam checks in with Mary Albertson. 

Name and occupation and how long been at CFA:  

Mary Albertson

Digital Language Consultant & Sales

October 2018

1. What brought you to Aestus?

The infamous Josh Potter had been my personal trainer for nearly 2 years. I'm one of those people who does not like to workout alone, but the "group fitness" classes at the gym were not going to cut it for me. I had been doing Crossfit-type workouts with Josh, so he encouraged me to try out some Crossfit gyms. I went to a different CF gym and it was just okay. Then he told me to check out CFA. I came to a Saturday morning WOD and the incredible Rachael Fehl took me under her wings. Everyone was so kind and welcoming that day - I knew it was the right place for me!

2. Did you have a goal when you started?

My goals were to work on increasing my hip and shoulder flexibility to improve my lifting. When I started, I couldn't do a proper front squat. overhead squat, etc. Now, I've really improved and feel more comfortable doing them and increasing weight.

3. What changes have you noticed since starting at Aestus?

Other than my flexibilty, I have really noticed a change in my confidence to challenge myself with heavier weights. I have had a tendency to think "I can't do that" so I didn't. Now, I find so much motivation from the other members who are also challenging themselves and I use that inspiration to push myself. I am stronger both physically and mentally! Of course, I'm still a little crazy, too!

4. What’s your favorite thing about Aestus?

My favorite thing about CFA???? The people and the coaches! From my first phone conversation with Sam, to my first WOD, there was so much support and a sense of community and friendship. No matter how much you might struggle through a workout, you know that everyone in that gym is going through it with you and is there to cheer you on. It's truly inspirational. The coaches are all phenomenal and I LOVE how committed to proper form they are! Did I mention there's a bar in the gym?  

5. What would you tell someone who’s thinking of trying Aestus?

Just do it. (that's a catchy phrase - someone should copyright that!) In all seriousness, it's the truth! I think many people have misconceptions about Crossfit - heck, I was one of them! Then, as I said, I came to CFA for that trial workout and I was hooked. No matter your fitness level, you can do the workouts and the strength you will gain, both physically and mentally, will fuel you to keep going. Where else can you get a killer workout in and have fun doing it? CFA truly embodies a commitment to its members and being a part of this family will change your life!  

PS - You might learn a new thing or two in the kitchen. Thanks to Joey, I now know how to segment an orange and pickle onions.  

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