January Featured Athlete - Rachael Fehl

Name: Rachael Fehl

Age: 32

Occupation: Human Resources

 Which class do you usually attend?  5:30pm

 Favorite WOD:

Any WOD with running or burpees. Both rotate as my arch nemesis and I like the challenge of trying to master them.

Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk because jerk days are fun!

 How long have you been CrossFitting? : May 2017

What keeps you coming back?: The amazing people, encouraging coaches, and the structure and variety of the workouts.

How did you find CrossFit? : My coworker Kristin and I used to be commonly confused for one another. She found CrossFit and we were no longer confused. It took me 4 years to be convinced that it was something I could do, too. Big thanks to Coach Kristin Garcia at CrossFit Maumelle (Arkansas) for your years of encouragement!

How did you end up at CrossFit Aestus: My husband and I relocated to North Carolina this year and one of our moving goals was to finally get committed to physical fitness and to really challenge ourselves with trying out CrossFit. We went shopping for a box and when Coach Sam told us he cares about safety, proper technique, and no drama, we were sold!

What is your athletic background? : I was in the Army for four years on active duty in an airborne unit. While we ran a ton, it was always a challenge for me, and I would not describe this time as “athletic,” but as close as I’ve been to a lifestyle centered around physical fitness.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?: I now set boundaries with my time at work to make sure I make it to Aestus. My husband and I prioritize our time on weekends to make it to the Saturday partner WOD. We actually use the gym shoes we pack when we travel and recently did one of the posted WODs from a gym in Mexico! And as a veteran, I also firmly believe that every transitioning veteran should try CrossFit. It provides the sense of community and accountability to physical fitness that so many of miss when we leave the service.

What is the One Thing you have done here that you never thought you could do?: A handstand!

What motivates/inspires you?: All of the folks at Aestus! We have so many great members and I love hearing their stories and how they’ve mastered their challenges. Working out next to each of them motivates me to keep going.

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?:  Because of CrossFit, I had the confidence to sign up and complete a Spartan Sprint this year.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit?: Climb a Rope. I’ve been teaching others the technique for over a decade and I’ve never mastered it. Once I get up that rope, Coach Sam will be jumping out of an airplane!

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit?: Lifting weights! It’s not something I’ve ever done before and being able to lift just a little more each time has been exciting! I’m finally up to the Rx weight on Kettle bell swings!

Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit? Traveling, my animals, and spending time with family and friends

Tell me about your diet: I aim to eat healthy – good carbs, plenty of protein, vegetables. Drink lots of water.  I work too hard at Aestus to eat the Friday donuts brought into the office. Now if someone brings dark chocolate macadamia nut cookies…. I might plan for an extra burpee or two that day 

Any advice for new members?: Have fun, push yourself, and keep showing up!


Coaches thoughts:

Goal Oriented people make the work go ’round. I think Rachael certainly fits that mold. She has many goals that she has set for herself, and along the way her enthusiasm and caring nature raises up those who are around her. I’m sure she will reach her goals and I’ll end up meeting my end of the bargain (skydiving). Stay tuned…..

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