October Featured Athlete - Kim Mayes

Name: Kim Mayes

Age: 45

Occupation: Dance Teacher and Cake Decorator

Which class do you usually attend? 6am

Favorite WOD: Labor Day, 2017

Favorite Lift: Dead Lift

How long have you been CrossFitting? : May 2017

What keeps you coming back?: Hands down, the people and the atmosphere at CFA.

How did you find CrossFit? : Donna Rodriguez

How did you end up at CrossFit Aestus:
I was not using my previous gym membership, and looking for something new, in a more supportive, challenging environment.

What is your athletic background? :
As a child, I successfully scored a goal for an opposing soccer team, and slammed my front teeth into my knee cap during a gymnastics class. As an adult, I have WATCHED many soccer and baseball games that my children have participated in. I have never considered myself an athlete in any way, and I am perhaps the most clumsy person I know.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?:
I feel like I can do ANYTHING when I leave a WOD, physically and mentally. It’s changed my confidence in myself and my abilities in a way I never thought possible. I do life better because of CFA.

What is the One Thing you have done here that you never thought you could do?:
Run… It sounds silly, but I could never run for any distance at all without having to stop. Now, I can.

What motivates/inspires you?:
Seeing change in my body; specifically losing weight and gaining strength. Also, the people that surround me inspire me. There’s something to be said for a buddy finishing a workout with you, after she’s just finished her own.

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?:
The very first box jump I ever did, simply because that was a mental breakthrough – I realized in that moment that I could do things that scared me, and that I thought were impossible.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit?:
My goal is simply to stick with it. Until CFA, I’d never been in a gym environment that I felt completely comfortable in. I have finally found that, and I want to stick with it, and see where this journey takes me.

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit?:
Gained strength and lost 25lbs

Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit?
Hiking and spending time with friends and family

Tell me about your diet:
It has changed, A LOT! I went from drinking soda all day, every day, to drinking only water. I also try to stick to whole foods as much as possible, although sometimes I fail miserably.

Any advice for new members?:
Stick with it. Lean on those around you when they offer support and encouragement. Know that this is a journey, and that success happens every time you step foot in the door, give it your all, and learn something new. You don’t have to be better than anyone else; Don’t spend time and energy looking around when you can devote that energy to working on you.

Coaches thoughts:

Kim has been a great addition to our family at CFA. She came in with an open mind and a determination to make changes to get the results that she wanted. Her transformation has been an inspiration to everyone here! She is a great person and we are proud to have her her at CFA!


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