On this #AestusWayWednesday, Coach Sam checks in with Kennedi Robinson

On this #AestusWayWednesday, Coach Sam checks in with Kennedi Robinson.

Name and how long been at CFA: Kennedi Bank Teller CF Aestus member for about a month

What brought you to Aestus? Google! I wanted to find a box close to me in the community and Aestus was the first result. I went in to meet with Sam and worked out with the gang and the rest is history.

Did you have a goal when you started? Honestly? I have a lot of goals, the first and foremost getting in the habit of showing up consistently. Because I’m so new and I’ve been a habitual couch potato for years, that goal alone has been hard to meet. haha

What changes have you noticed since starting at Aestus? Right now I haven’t really noticed any obvious changes, like weight or anything. But I’ve noticed I no longer have to rely on antidepressants the way I used to - the sense of belonging and dose of endorphins when a workout gets done and that post workout high has done wonders for my mental and emotional health.

What’s your favorite thing about Aestus? The people, hands down. I told Coach Sam that if I hadn’t felt as welcomed and immediately accepted as I did when I was brave enough to show up that first time, I wouldn’t have bothered coming back. But the people here - coaches and members alike - all care about everyone and the love and support I felt as soon as everyone started coming in for the 1776 workout made me feel like...yeah, this can be my second home.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking of trying Aestus? You’re in good hands, friend. ❤️

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