On this #AestusWayWednesday, Coach Sam checks in with Kori Phillips.

On this #AestusWayWednesday, Coach Sam checks in with Kori Phillips.
Name and occupation and how long been at CFA:  
Kori Phillips
Project Lead/Software Test Manager at Lockheed Martin.
Been with CFA for 14-15 months.
1. What brought you to Aestus?
My awesome wife Amy Phillips researched you and joined. She loved it so much and we would come watch her and witness the camaraderie and support and that drew me to giving it a try. I honestly thought I couldn’t do it because I had knee problems and shin splint problems so it was a huge step for me.
2. Did you have a goal when you started?
Yes. I was on a path of self destruction by food/poor eating habits and a sedentary job that has me sitting all day. So my goal was to simply try and turn that around and not hear my doctor say pre-diabetes or fatty liver when i saw him.
3. What changes have you noticed since starting at Aestus?
I feel like after each workout that i have accomplished something and after a full week of it that it gets addictive in a good way. My lipid panel numbers went down so much I was astonished because its been 15+ years since I have seen them that low. 
4. What’s your favorite thing about Aestus?
The people that workout with you that show their support and compassion before, during, and after your workouts. Also I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the coaches who have helped me navigate this journey, scale things down, and help me through my shoulder surgery that I had in Jan 2019.
5. What would you tell someone who’s thinking of trying Aestus?
Don’t let the barbells and dumbells and lingo intimidate you. Don’t let the ailments that you have rule your body. Don’t let the excuses get in the way. Make a commitment and come and try it out. You will be able to do it (because the coaches can help you scale the workouts) and you will feel the encouragement from everyone. 

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