The case for doing the things you hate.

The above is a bit of a misnomer, but it is meant to grab your attention.

Fitness and working out is truly one of the things in life that exposes us all to the outer reaches of our comfort zone—nearly every day.


And we choose to do this!  This speaks to the fact that we have reached a point where we need to purposefully make our lives harder than they are.  Modern society and the conveniences that come with it have caused us to:

  • Walk less
  • Perform less manual labor
  • Move less in general.

So now we are left with a dilemma. 

We need to exercise.  I often tell people:

“if it helps you move, do the thing that you like to do.”

Having said that—there is something to be said for doing things you dislike.

Exercise (certainly under the CrossFit methodology) can be a great teacher in life.  Doing hard things in fitness trains us to be resilient in all hard things—not just burpees. If you are willing to sweat and strain and feel uncomfortable for an hour—there is much more that you can withstand.

Further, effort in exercise is never wasted.  Call it the “Win or Learn” concept.  If you attempt a pull up and don’t quite make it—you are now physiologically closer to that pull up than you were before the attempt. Exercise can build fortitude—the ability to withstand the hard “thing” to reach a goal.

Speaking of goals—setting a goal and reaching it—whatever it may be is ultimately

The final point is this: Hardship in a group setting.  You are never in this alone; whatever you may be working on. In the middle of a workout, when your muscles are tired and your breath is short, there is at least one person (or many) that are in the same boat as you.  Overcoming obstacles with those around you builds bonds and lets you know that you have some support in all your endeavors.

So draw a line.  Set your standard and work toward it.  Yes, there will be struggle and maybe even some pain.  But you will be rewarded in some way for your effort—every single time.


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Jared

    Hey Sam, great words! It seems like you left an idea in finished?
    “Speaking of goals—setting a goal and reaching it—whatever it may be is ultimately…”

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