The Number One Thing That We Coach

The Number One Thing That We Coach

In almost 8 years that I have been coaching I have:

Earned three certificates from CrossFit (Level 1, 2 and Youth)

I am in process of earning two more certificates.

I have accumulated thousands of coaching hours.

I have learned in the development of my profession, all the degrees, certificates and hours are there fro one reason, to grow relationships.

In my opinion, trust is the most important product of the fitness industry.

All else:

Weight Loss




Is all secondary to Trust.  In fact, none of the above will happen without trust. 

It is the hardest to earn, and the easiest factor to lose.

If I had to do one thing in my first 3-6 months with a new client—I’ll work to build trust.

Not with a “90 Day Guaranteed Program”.

Not with a Fad Diet.

Not with the latest piece of gear.


I’ll commit to keeping you safe.

I’ll commit to providing you with tools

I’ll commit to being your guide.

I’ll high five you and celebrate your effort.

I’ll be there beyond the “set and reps”.

We will take this walk side by side.

You can TRUST that I’ll be 100% committed to you.


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