5 ways our members inspire us everyday

What’s that old saying?

“Love what you do and you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Yep.  That’s the one.

I do love what I do, for any number of reasons.

Interestingly enough, one of the most prominent reasons is maybe not so obvious.

A coach wears a lot of hats: Teacher, counselor, Strength and conditioning coordinator,etc.


For me, there might be another:


But the main reason I love my job:  Because the members of the CFA family inspire ME everyday.

Regardless of what my day has planned, or what may have gone wrong already I know that when I walk in the door, someone is going to lift me up.  Here are just a few ways that the members of CrossFit Aestus inspire me every day:


  • They Smile.

The work that we do is hard.  All of our members know this when they walk in the door.  Regardless, they smile and are excited to come to CFA and put their time in.


  • Hard work

A major inspiration is how hard the CFA family works when they are in class.  Becoming and staying fit is not easy.  They know this.  They support each other and help each other through the rough spots to complete the workouts.


  • They take on new challenges

The CFA family loves a good challenge.  We took on the “Carry the Load” challenge for the month of December.  This challenge asked for at least 100,000 meters in total rowing on a C2 Indoor Rower.  Many graciously accepted and will hit that goal and then some.

  • They Set goals

In taking on a challenge, inevitably a new goal comes along for the ride.  Our members see the goal as an opportunity to improve not only their fitness, but themselves as a whole.  They love to take on the next obstacle and try to clear it.

  • They inspire each other: Fist bumps, “great job” and “you got this” are a part of the common language at CFA. Reaching higher requires more steps up the ladder.  The support of friends and family act as the extra rungs and provide the stability and support needed to reach the goal


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