A Sincere Thank You!

I’m a very fortunate guy. I’ve got a great job and I work in a really cool industry. So cool in fact that members of this industry go out of their way to help, teach and give.
I say this because we had a REALLY busy weekend at CFA.
On Friday night, we held a charity event to support Melissa‘s Black Dog Brigade. A bunch of great people showed up to work out and give to help shelter dogs get the treatment they need so that they can be adopted. Thank you to all who supported the event.
On Saturday we were the host sight for the Hybrid AF Masters Event. 60+ teams competing and having fun at CFA.
So I want to send a sincere thank you to Philip Tabor for connecting with me about the idea, and for all that was going on inside CFA on Saturday, he stopped and explained what he was doing and why he planned the way that he did–so that we could learn how to run our own event some day. He was then kind enough to give CFA a shout-out this am.
So, thank you Philip, to you and your team! This is the kind of stuff that makes what we do go. CrossFit Affiliate Owners are just here to help. The more we help each other, the more we can help others.
Sam Lowe is the Head Coach and Owner at CrossFit Aestus


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