Dekafit Comes to Aestus!

Dekafit Comes to Aestus!


There are Big things going on at Aestus Fitness!

Aestus has signed with Spartan Race as a DekaFit Affilate.

What’s Dekafit?

It’s a very cool fitness concept from the team over at Spartan Race—yep that Spartan Race.

You can learn more here:

What’s that mean for Aestus?

It’s one more BIG tool in our Fitness Arsenal.  That means more fun, exciting ways for you to get fit:

OK Great!  What else does it mean:

  • More opportunities for more people like you to become a part of this outstanding community.
  • More ways for our local community to get fit and have fun while doing it.
  • Cool new equipment that will challenge you and help get you FIT (The Spartan Ram and “The Tank”)
  • Lots of fun fitness events coming to Aestus Fitness.


What happens next?

Aestus Fitness is  going to offer a Dekafit Community Workout on December 5.


We’ll have a 2nd Workout on Dec. 19.


Both Workouts will be a Dekafit “Strong” event (10 Functional movements run in succession for time).


Plus,  We’re going to offer a 6 week challenge starting Jan 4. This challenge will prep for our first Dekafit Strong Event (this one will partner with Spartan Race) on Saturday Feb 13.


You can learn more about

  • Deka Events
  • Classes made exclusively for Deka Training right here at Aestus Fitness
  • Nutrition

By Joining this Facebook Group Right Here:

By joining this private group, you’ll get access to all of the above, PLUS much, much more!

 So get ready for 2021 with this new and exciting challenge to take your fitness to the next level!!!


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    Is the February event still on? Also is it open to non members?


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