Hey! What Changed?

Hey! What Changed?

Does something look different to you?
Well, maybe not completely different, but something has definitely changed!
You're right!
1.) Check out our web address: It's now www.aestusfitness.com
2.) Check out our name: We're now Aestus Fitness!
Cool!  What does it mean?
It means this:
1.) Yes, we still do CrossFit.
2.) We are still a CrossFit Affiliate. ( You can find us here: https://map.crossfit.com/)
3.) CrossFit is not the only thing we do.  We also have:
  • Boot Camp
  • Teens and Kids Fitness Programs
  • Cool Specialty classes like (Weightlifting, Aerobic Capacity, Functional Bodybuilding and a whole bunch more!)
  • 365 Nutrition ( A comprehensive, lifestyle based nutrition program)
Be on the lookout for a whole lot more!
So yes, the name changed....a little.
We still put the "Fun" in fitness!  
We still have a great community 
And we still will be your best resource to reach your goals!!!
So check us out!  
Or maybe come back and see some old friends.
Either way--we're here for you!


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