New Member Journey Part 2: The No-Sweat Intro

Hey {FirstName}!

Come on in!

Today’s the day—you’re here at Aestus and ready for your tour. 

A bit nervous? Maybe—but there’s probably some excitement too.  Walking in, this place looks cool.  There is a ton of cool gear:

  • Kettlebells
  • Rowers
  • Bikes
  • Bumper Plates

Plus a lot more!

It’s really open and the entire space is really bright and clean—not dingy.

One of Aestus’ RockStar Coaches smiles and welcomes you in. 

You begin a nice conversation about what you do to workout and what you’re looking for now.

It’s relaxed. It’s almost fun.

You walk past…a bar?  Well, sort of…

That’s Twenty-15.  The Aestus Athlete Lounge and our Nutrition area.  It’s a cool spot to hang out when you’re done working out.  Cool drinks, fun people and THE place to get you what you need to put the finishing touches on a great workout.

You’re now walking across the turf toward a door. The coach walks you through the door in to a room that looks kind of “medical”.

You just found the “Trifecta Treatment Room”.

3 different businesses occupy this space:


Peak Performance

Power Chiropractic.

The coach you’re with lets you know that part of moving well and taking care of your body is a key component in fitness and they can help you set up an appointment with any of those three great businesses/resources right here at Aestus.

Walk through another door and you are back up front.

That went pretty fast and we’re sure you’ll have more questions that have popped up as you have walked through Aestus.

No Worries!

Now is a great time to talk with your coach and discuss where we can help get you started or continue on your Fitness Journey.

Ready to take the next step? Great! Let’s get ready for Part 3!

Coming soon—Setting your membership at Aestus!



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