5 reasons to drink more water


Your body needs it.  Yes, you can absorb water through the food you eat and by drinking other beverages like coffee, tea and etc. But, water is what your body is mostly composed of and what your body really likes to drink is good ol’ fashioned H2O.

Need to more motivation to drink more water?  Here’s five quick  reasons:

1.) Drinking water can help you lose weight.

Yep.  Sometimes mild dehydration can be confused with hunger.  Additionally, water can act as an appetite suppressant.

2.) Rid the body of waste.

The waste your body produces is flushed out as sweat and urine. The more water you drink, the more readily your body will dispose of wastes.

3.) Transportation of nutrients.

Fully hydrated systems and cells in your body will move the nutrients it needs where they need to go way more effectively if the body is fully hydrated.

4.)  Better performance

Fully hydrated muscles and joints work better.  They are not as susceptible to injury.  It works the same way for your brain.

5.) Body temperature regulation

When you work out, you will sweat.  Sweat will help to cool your body down during and for awhile after you are done working out.

There you go. 5 quick reasons to drink more water.  So pick up a refillable bottle, fill it up and drink it down.  Cheers!

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