Healthy fats and weight loss

Here’s the quick and dirty on Fat:

******Disclaimer******Same as before. Not going to argue for a “diet” just going to present some info on Fat.

Here’s what to know:

Basically: there are 3 types of Fat


They all have a place in our daily nutrition. Here’s a description of each, some sources and some more info.

1.) Saturated. This one has the worst rep, but some modern studies are contesting older info that’s out there.

A saturated fat is a type of fat, in which the fatty acids all have single bonds. So, there’s some science. Where does saturated fat come from?

Dairy Products
Oils (Coconut)

Your brain LOVES saturated fat. Your body does need some, but how much you need/should have may depend on your other dietary choices.

2.) Monounsaturated:

They have a double bond in their fatty acid chain…(more science!!!)

Olive Oil

These types of fats can be high in Omega 6 fatty acids, which your body needs–but maybe not in large amounts (even though these are healthier fats) over consumption of these fats can create some systemic inflammation (inside your body–think water retention)

3.) Polyunsaturated

two or more carbon–carbon double bonds (last bit of science)


Cold water Fish (salmon, mackerel and ooooh yeah…..SARDINES!!!)
Leafy greens too!

These are the fats that have the highly prized Omega 3 fatty acids in them.

****There is a type of fat that is pure, hell-spawned evil:


It’s manufactured fat. That’s right–fat is brought into a facility where it becomes hydrogenated (spinning the fat very quickly to put air into it. Think Crisco…)

This stuff will do all kinds of nastiness to the inside of your body. So stay away.

But…there’s a catch.

You’re at the store and you flip over a label and it says:
“0 Grams of Trans fat PER SERVING”

Ah-Ha! The good ol’ FDA has a limit of Trans fats per serving (less than .0000something). Regardless, stay away. If you flip the label on something, check the ingredients. If it says Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, dump it.

So where do we go from here?

Your body needs fat. for many reasons:

repair tissue
skin health
brain function

Plus many more.

******How much fat should I eat every day?

It depends….On your Macronutrient breakdown.

For example:

30% Protein
30% Fat
40% Carb

For someone that eats 2000 calories per day, that’s roughly:

600 calories or 66 grams of fat.

Pretty simple to follow, especially if you use a tracking app like My Fitness Pal to track your intake.

Here’s what a day’s fat intake might look like:

2 eggs in the am (12 gms)
Salad with tbsp. of Olive Oil (14 gms)
1/4 cup of mixed nuts (14 gms)
Salmon (10gms)
Full Fat Greek yogurt (10 gms)
Chicken breast on your salad (3 gms)

There you go. Not too hard to put together.

For more info to help you reach your goals, check out:


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