How Does Our Nutrition Program Work?

How Does Our Nutrition Program Work - 

Did you know 90% of people will regain the weight they lose during a weight loss program. Why? Because they failed to create lifelong sustainable habits needed to maintain the weight loss. 

Our meal plans are written by a registered dietitian and based on behavior and lifestyle changes - it is not a restrictive, short term, fad diet. We focus on a phased approach, and then we work on tweaking your meal plan to ensure your continued success.

We track your progress using data from our InBody machine and provide the support and accountability you need to reach your goals.

Lastly, our nutrition programs are for EVERYONE, whether you’re a member of our gym or not. We want to see everyone get healthy and become the best, healthiest, most confident versions of themselves.

Click the link in our bio to schedule a free nutrition consultation today. We really look forward to meeting you!

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