"What's in your Cart?"

Wellness Wednesday 

“What’s In Your Cart?”

Take pride in your grocery cart! I’ve always loved grocery shopping and thank goodness as I seek to do it every second day!

Some helpful tips!

➡️ eat before you shop. This will help you avoid straying from your grocery list and buying coveted cravings. It will also deter you from snacking while you shop!

➡️ make a list! Form a list of meals and snacks you intend to make for the week and plan accordingly. Don’t forget to count kids activities!

➡️ shop the perimeter and focus on whole foods, fresh veggies and fruits, lean protein and healthy fat choices!


Menu Planning Template:  https://everydayconfidence.wixsite.com/everydayconfidence/single-post/2018/07/08/Menu-Planning-Made-Easy?


Household Inventory Tracker:  http://pprgiveawaysandfreebies.com/household-inventory-tracker-free-printables/


Grocery List:  https://www.moritzfinedesigns.com/master-grocery-list/

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